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Eicar WG 7 (cyber security)

Considering the uncertainties surrounding the Cyberspace, this eicar* working group 7 (eicarwg7) also known as “Flamingo Club” aims at uniting cyberspace stakeholders in order to facilitate the exchange of ideas and best practices in matters relating to

  • Cybersecurity
  • Cyberprivacy
  • Cyberrisk
  • Cyberinsurances
  • Cyberfication

Eicar WG7 is coordinated by Robert Niedermeier (Eicar Executive Secretary). The members meet periodically every four months. The meetings are usually open-ended but subject to prior registration (purely for logistics-related purposes).

Group members range from privacy advocates, lawyers and engineers to distributors of cybersecurity products such as anti-virus programs. The Group would be pleased to welcome anyone with an interest in the above mentioned areas.

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