Membership / Registration

Fill out this form, print it and fax it or send it by normal post

to our office:

EICAR e.V. Office
Obergasse 28A
86943 Thaining

Phone +49-8194 – 99 84 99
Fax     +49-8194 – 99 85 01

Application is not binding until it is approved by the Board of Directors and the first payment is received in full.

Once you become an Eicar member, membership is automatically renewed every year. It only terminates, if you resign from EICAR by writing or another reason as stated in Clause III. 3 of the Constitution (death of a person, liquidation of an organization, exclusion by the Board of Directors, termination of Eicar) occurs.

If you wire your membership fees or use regular bank transfers please mention in the concern/message field „R. Niedermeier/Eicar Membership Fee“ or „R. Niedermeier/Eicar Registration Fee“. Both parts, before and after the slash are important. Failing to do so may result in refusal or delay of your payment by our bank.

Membership Fees 

Type of Membership Turnover (in EUR) Annual Fee (in EUR)
Government Project Management Organisation 2.500
Company Level 3 over 7,500,000 2.000
Company Level 2 750,000 to 7,500,000 700
Company Level 1 under 750,000 450
Government Organisation 340
Academic Institute 340
Personal Membership 170
Student Membership 30