Code of conduct

Viruses as well as other malicious program codes present a threat, which affect users, developers and researchers in equal measure. Therefore the members of EICAR feel committed to contribute actively in the fight against them. Topics and problems in the area of computer viruses will be treated seriously and responsibly. The recognition of the EICAR code of conduct is a requirement for membership.

This includes:

  • Total abstinence from activities or publications, which could cause or foster panic, i.e. no „trading on people’s fears“.
  • Abstaining from the loud and vociferous superlatives and factually untenable statements in advertising, e.g. „all known and unknown viruses will be recognised“.
  • Information which is suited for the development of viruses as well as other malicious program code will not be published or given to a third party. Exchange of such information with institutions, companies and persons is excepted, which are responsibly researching or are active in combating in this sector.