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Symbian worm Yxes: Towards mobile botnets?

Axelle Apvrille (Fortinet Technologies - France)   >>

Parasitics. The Next Generation

Vitaly Zaytsev (McAfee Labs - USA), Josh Phillips (Kaspersky Labs - USA), Abhishek Karnik (McAfee Labs - USA)   >>

BackDooor.Tdss (aka TDL3)

Alexey Tkachenko (Dr. Web - Russia)   >>

Entropy based detection of polymorphic malware

Zdenek Breitenbacher (AVG Technologies - Czech Republic)   >>

Windows 7 - Is it really more secure?

Itshak Carmona (HCL Technologies Ltd - Israel)   >>

A single metric for evaluating a security product

Igor Muttik (McAfee Labs - United Kingdom)   >>

In Combat against Rootkits

Robert Lipovsky (ESET - Slovakia)   >>

A view into new testing techniques

Lysa Myers (West Coast Labs - United States), Matt Garrad (West Coast Labs - United Kingdom)   >>

Real Performance?

Ján Vrabec (ESET - Slovakia), David Harley (ESET - United Kingdom)   >>

Perception, Security, and Worms in the Apple

David Harley (ESET - United Kingdom), Andrew Lee (K7 Computing - India), Pierre-Marc Bureau (ESET - Canada)   >>

CJ-Unpack: Efficient Runtime Unpacking System

Cristian Lungu (BitDefender- Romania), Marius Botis (BitDefender - Romania)   >>

Is there a future for Crowdsourcing Security?

Methusela Cebrian Ferrer (HCL - CA - Australia)   >>

Typhoid Adware

Daniel Medeiros Nunes de Castro (University of Calgary - Canada), Eric Lin (University of Calgary - Canada), John Aycock (University of Calgary - Canada)   >>

Benchmarking Program Behaviour for Detecting Malware Infection

Narendra Kumar N. V. (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research - India), Harshit Shah (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research - India), Shyamasundar R. K. (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research - India)   >>

Counting the Cost of University Internet Access: The Challenges of Balancing Security, Privacy and Forensic Computing

Vlasti Broucek (University of Tasmania - Australia), Paul Turner (University of Tasmania - Australia), Mark Zimmerli (University of Tasmania - Australia)   >>

Bayesian Model-based detection and how to bypass it

Eric Filiol (ESIEA - France), Sebastien Josse (ESIEA - France)   >>

New Trends in Malware Sample-Independent AV Evaluation Techniques with Respect to Document Malware

Jonathan Dechau (ESIEA Laval - France), Romain Grivaux (ESIEA Laval - France), Kenza Jaafar (ESIEA Laval - France), Jean-Paul Fizaine (ESIEA Laval - France)   >>
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