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Applied Parallell Coordinates for Logs and Network Traffic Attack Analysis

Sébastien Tricaud & Philippe Saadé (INL Paris France)   >>

Discovering a botnet from russia (with love)

Damien Aumaitre, Christophe Devaux, Julien Lenoir (Sogeti/ESEC, Paris France)   >>

Execution Context in Anti-Malware Testing

David Harley (ESET, England)   >>

Malware in Men - will you be protected?

Babu Nath Giri (McAfee Avert Labs, Bangalore, India)   >>

A study of anti-virus’ response to unknown threats

Christophe Devine & Nicolas Richaud (Thales - France)   >>

From Virtual to physical

Magnus Kalkuhl (Kaspersky Lab, Germany)   >>

Integrating Anti-steganography into Anti-virus Software.

Franck Legardien (Hauri Labs , Seoul, Korea)   >>

Applied evaluation methodology for anti-virus software

Alexandre Gazet & Jean-Baptiste Bédrune (Sogeti/ESEC)   >>

Checkvir Realtime Anti-malware testing and Certification

Ferenc Leitold (Veszprog Ltd - College of Dunaújváros - Hungary)   >>

The Rise of Autorun-Based Malware

Ramagopal Prashanth, Mohandas, Rahul, Thomas Vinoo (McAfee - Avert Labs, Bangalore, India)   >>

Accrediting a Testing Lab under the Auspices of the International Standards Organization

Andy Hayter, George Japak, Leo Pluswick (ICSA Labs, Verizon Business, USA)   >>

Raw assault on a Poly/MetaMoRPhic engine

Anoirel S. Issa (Symantec, MessageLabs UK)   >>
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