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Conference Slides 2014

Sunday 16th November

EICAR Test File Workshop
Tonke Hanebuth, Marc Schneider (EICAR)

EICAR Test File History
Eddy Willems (EICAR)

Presentation (PDF, 148 kB)

Presentation (PDF, 538 kB)
Press Conference: Presentation of the EICAR Minimum Standard
Rainer Fahs (EICAR)
Presentation (PDF, 394 kB)


Monday 17th November

Connected evolution of technology, threats and privacy - or, why the change needs a change of mind
Andé Lutermann (Dell Software)

Key note 1: MAPPING (Management Alternatives for Privacy, Property and Internet Governance)
Professor Nikolaus Forgo (Leibniz University Hannover)

Presentation (PDF, 2.07 MB)
Key note 2: Evaluation and Certification of Security Products
Professor Sachar Paulus (Hochschule Mannheim)

Presentation (PDF, 7.65 MB)
INTERNET Threats and Network Management Tools
"what is really going on in cyberworld"
Christoph Fischer (BFK edv consulting)

conference attendees only
Public procurement Law and the impact from the "No-Spy" agreement
Felix Zimmermann (BITKOM)

additional information (German language):
No-Spy-Erlass (PDF, 603 kB)
Handreichung zum Erlass an das Beschaffungsamt des BMI (PDF, 202 kB)
Bitkom Positionspapier (PDF, 384 kB)

Presentation (PDF, 811 kB)
Current real Threat Scenario from AV vendors view
Ralf Benzmüller (G DATA)

Presentation (PDF, 2.87 MB)
Data transmission in Internet Security Products
Peter Stelzhammer (AV Comparatives)
Presentation (PDF, 1.3 MB)


Tuesday 18th November

Key note 3: How can cryptography support trust in security products and enhance data protectionand what are the limitations
Professor Bart Preneel (Leuven University)

Presentation (PDF, 355 kB)
IT-Security Aspects of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership(?)
Fritz Pieper (Bridgehous Law)

Presentation (PDF, 571 kB)
Providing a Network of Trust in Processing Health Data for Research
Iheanyi Samuel Nwanko (LHU) and Elias Neri (Custodix)

Presentation (PDF, 1.90 MB)
Protecting privacy through anonymity: Data Cube anonymisation under EU, Australian and American Data Privacy Laws
Alan Dahi und Ioannis Revolidis

conference attendees only
Highly Scalable Malware Clustering Using Aggregation Overlay Graphs
Matthew Asquith (Sophos Labs)

Presentation (PDF, 7.32 MB)

(PDF, 594 kB)

Deriving and Modelling Compliance Requirements from Legal Audits
Bernhard Waltl (TU Munich)

Presentation (PDF, 1.00 MB)
Big data - technical possibilities and legal consequences on an example of medical data
Dr. Stefan Rüpig and Magdalena Goralczyk

conference attendees only
Legal Issues around Digital Evidence - a first overview
Jonatha Stoklas (Leibniz University Hannover)
Presentation (PDF, 1.81 MB)
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