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Accepted industry papers

Mobile Devices Attacks

Itshak Carmona & Alex Polischuk   >>

PIN Holes: Numeric Passcodes and Mnemonic Strategies

David Harley   >>

Static analyze and generic detection of Android malware

Taras Malivanchuk   >>

After AMTSO: A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum

David Harley   >>

Anti-Virtual Machines and Emulations

Anoirel Issa   >>

Accepted academic papers

Reducing the Window of Opportunity for Android Malware

Axelle Apvrille & Tim Strazzere   >>

What's in a Name... Generator?

John Aycock   >>

Toward Metrics for Cyber Resilience

Richard Ford, Marco Carvalho, Liam Mayron, Matt Bishop   >>

The security of databases – The ACCESS Case

Baptiste David, Dorian Larget &Thibaut Scherrer   >>

Assessment of automated freeware C++ source code analyzers

Olli-Pekka Pyykkö, Noora Ripatti & Marco Helenius   >>

A practical approach on clustering malicious PDF documents

Razvan Benchea, Cristina Vatamanu & Dragos Gavrilut   >>

In Situ Reuse of Logically Extracted Functional Components

Craig Miles, Arun Lakhotia & Andrew Walenstein   >>

Dronezilla – Automated behavioral analysis and testing framework

Cimpoesu Mihai & Popa Claudiu   >>

Technical, Legal and Moral Dilemmas: Distinguishing between Malware and Cyber-attack tools in the age of 'cloud computing'

Vlasti Broucek, Paul Turner   >>
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